Reduce healing time from day 1 to complete healing



  • With its unique TLC-NOSF* Healing Matrix (NOSF* impregnated in a TLC healing matrix) it is the only local treatment proven to reduce healing time (1,2,3,4)
  • The sooner the TLC-NOSF* treatment is initiated the short the healing time (5)
  • Significantly improves patients' quality of life (2,3)
  • Acts from Day 1 to complete healing, whatever the wound healing stage, simplifying treatment for clinicians and saving costs for healthcare systems (6)

*NOSF (Nano OligoSaccharide Factor) = KSOS (potassium sucrose octasulfate)


For all leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and long standing acute wounds.


Treatment to reduce healing time with the unique TLC-NOSF* Healing Matrix

UrgoStart Plus Pad and UrgoStart Plus Border also contain poly-absorbent  fibres which bind, trap and retain exudate, slough and debris present in the wound, keeping it clean throughout healing.


  • Cleanse the wound bed as per your local protocol and rinse the wound with normal saline.
  • Dry the surrounding skin carefully.
  • Apply the soft-adherent side of UrgoStart Plus Pad or UrgoStart Plus Border directly to the wound (if using UrgoStart Plus Border the adhesive silicone border should be at least 1cm away from the wound). Apply UrgoStart contact directly to the wound. UrgoStart contact can also be used in cavity wounds and wounds in awkward areas.
  • If using UrgoStart Plus Pad or UrgoStart contact cover with a secondary dressing when necessary, suitable for the location and level of wound exudate, and secure it in place with a conforming bandage such as K-Band or K-Lite.
  • Apply a compression bandage system when prescribed.
  • Can be left in place for up to 7 days.

Sizes available


  Size NPC** Code PIP Code
UrgoStart Plus Pad 6 x 6 cm ELZ884 406-4432
UrgoStart Plus Pad 10 x 10 cm ELZ885 406-4440
UrgoStart Plus Pad 15 x 20 cm ELZ886 406-4457


  Size NPC** Code PIP Code
UrgoStart Plus Border 8 x 8 cm ELZ879 406-4390
UrgoStart Plus Border 10 x 10 cm ELZ880 406-4408
UrgoStart Plus Border 13 x 13 cm ELZ881 406-4416
UrgoStart Plus Border 15 x 20 cm ELZ882 406-4424
UrgoStart Plus Border 20 x 20 cm (sacrum) ELZ883 406-4887

**NPC = NHS Supply Chain ordering code


In order not to delay any optimal treatment, UrgoStart Plus (Pad and Border) and UrgoStart contact are contraindicated in cancerous wounds and fistula wounds which may reveal a deep abscess.

UrgoStart Plus (Pad and Border) facilitate the management of minor bleeding wounds. However, it should not be used as a surgical sponge for heavily bleeding wounds.

Do not use when there is a known sensitivity to UrgoStart Plus (Pad and Border) or UrgoStart contact.


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