Contact layer with TLC and light absorbency


Composition and properties

Urgotul® Duo is a contact layer with TLC Technology (polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly particles) and combined with a light absorbent pad.



  • Contact layer with TLC = Effective healing
    • Pain-free dressing changes
    • Well-tolerated
    • Moist wound-healing
    • Increased stimulation of fibroblast proliferation by 45%
    • Clinically proven
  • Light absorbent pad = Protection
    • Absorbs low levels of exudate
    • Prevents maceration
    • Improves surrounding skin


  • Non to low exuding wounds (dermabrasions, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, skin tears…)
  • Can be used in difficult to dress areas (fingers, toes etc.)

Method of use

  • Secure with a retention bandage (K-Band, K-Lite)
  • Can be left in place for up to 7 days


Sizes available


Size NPC Code PIP Code
5 x 10 cm EJE045 232-4739
10 x 12 cm EJE046 232-4762
15 x 20 cm EJE047 232-4796


Clinical data available