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UrgoTul Absorb Border can be left in place for up to 7 days however depending on the level of exudate and condition of the wound it may need to be changed more frequently

Dressing application

  • Clean the wound as per local protocol If an antiseptic is first used, rinse the wound thoroughly with saline solution before applying UrgoTul Absorb Border. Dry the surrounding skin carefully.
  • Remove the protective wings. Apply the soft adherent side of UrgoTul Absorb Border to the wound (the adhesive silicone border should be at least 1 cm away from the wound).
  • Smooth the dressing over the wound. Apply compression bandaging over the dressing when prescribed.



An observational evaluation of a new foam adhesive dressing

UrgoTul Absorb Border Application guide

Our UrgoTul Absorb Border Application Guide for offers useful hints and tips and a cutting guide when dressing those hard to dress areas like elbows, heels and knees.

Download the Application Guide


An observational evaluation of a new foam adhesive dressing

Skin Tear guidelines and treatment protocol

Our Skin Tears Treatment Protocol guide will help you when dressing skin tears with UrgoTul Absorb Border or UrgoTul.

Download the Application Guide




Size Pack Size Product
NHS Code
PIP Code
6.5 x 10 cm
8 x 8cm 10 550866 ELA660 386-7132
8 x 15 cm
10 x 10cm 10 551014 ELA661 386-7140
10 x 25 cm
13 x 13cm 10 550867 ELA662 386-7157
15 x 20cm 10 550868 ELA663 386-7165
20 x 20cm (Sacral) 5 550869 ELA664 386-7173


Also available in a sacral version