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  • Clean the wound as per local protocol and rinse with normal saline.
  • If an antiseptic is first used, rinse the wound thoroughly with saline solution before applying UrgoStart.
  • UrgoStart can be cut using sterile scissors to fit the dressing size to the wound if necessary.
  • Using the tabs, remove the protective film.
  • Apply the soft-adherent side of UrgoStart to the wound.
  • If required, cover UrgoStart with a secondary dressing suitable for the location and level of wound exudate.
  • Secure the dressing in place with a suitable bandage or an adhesive tape. Apply a compression bandage when prescribed.
  • UrgoStart can be left in place for up to 7 days depending on the level of exudate and the clinical condition of the wound




Size NPC Code PIP Code
6 x 6 cm Non Adhesive ELA417 347-1844
10 x 10 cm Non Adhesive ELA418 347-1851
15 x 20 cm Non Adhesive ELA419 347-1869
Heel 12 x 19 cm Non Adhesive ELA420 347-1877