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UrgoClean rope and pad packs

UrgoClean works through a gentle and pain-free desloughing action, trapping and binding slough with its poly-absorbent fibres followed by a simple one piece removal of the pad or rope.

The TLC healing matrix, clinically proven on 54,000 patients, promotes healing and enables the dressing removal to be pain-free. (3)

Remember, slough can return so make sure the wound is completely free of slough before changing to UrgoStart or UrgoTul / UrgoTul Absorb Border and reduce the risk of slough returning


UrgoClean Mode of Action



  • Desloughing properties (1, 2)
  • One piece removal (1)
  • Haemostatic properties
  • Available as a rope with probe
  • Bacteria trapping (1)
  • Retention
  • Vertical absorption (1)
  • TLC properties (pad): moist wound-healing, pain free dressing change, conformability (1)




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(2) Earth Reference. Meaume S, et al. Evaluation of two fibrous wound dressings for the management of leg ulcers: Results of a european randomised controlled trial (EARTH RCT). Journal of woundcare, 2014; 23 (3).

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