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Urgo Medical UK

Since entering the market in 2002 Urgo Medical has achieved its objective of becoming a major contributor to the UK wound healing community, and are now number 4 in the current market place We offer a complete range of wounds management dressing and bandages.

The range of high quality, innovative and sophisticated products has been developed to meet the constantly changing and growing expectations of healthcare professionals.

Urgo wound healing solutions are designed to encourage better wound-healing and improve quality of life patients whilst maintaining cost effectiveness and acknowledging budgetary constraints.

Our Sales Executives and Key Account Managers cover the whole of the UK, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and are qualified to train and educate you on Wound Management and compression practice (Inc bandaging application)

Urgo Educational Commitment

 We understand more than ever the challenges around prescribing dressings and the impact it has on the nurse, their patient and the NHS.

This means that when you make the decision to add Urgo products to your woundcare formulary, Urgo are committed to help you ensure that patients receive the right dressing, on the right wound at the right time, therefore Urgo have created a specialized programme of educational modules.

This specialised programme consists of educational modules which have been designed to support the appropriate use of Urgo products.

Our dedicated team of clinical support specialists are available to work with you to discuss your educational needs.