Wound healing

Wound healing or wound repair is the body's natural process of regenerating dermal and epidermal tissue. When a wound occurs, a set of complex biochemical events take place in a closely orchestrated cascade to repair the damage.

Healing steps 

Healing by primary intention

First-line healing concerns surgical wounds or surgically sutured traumatic wounds. The first healing phase is reconstruction of skin continuity and corresponds to the time during which the surgeon leaves the suture in place.

The sutures are removed after a period of 5 to 15 days. The duration of this period depends on the skin thickness and the tension applied to the edges.

Healing is still not complete when the sutures are removed, because an inflammation phenomenon is observed that can last for up to two months. After two or even three months, the scar will progressively reduce although it will not disappear entirely.


Healing by secondary intention or directed healing

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