What’s TLC- NOSF ?

TLC-NOSF is a new combination of the patented TLC Technology with a healing accelerator NOSF.

 TLC NOSF technologyHealing accelerator NOSF is an innovative compound derived from the chemical oligosaccharide family, specially selected by Laboratoires URGO research department, having demonstrated Matrix Metalloproteinase inhibiting properties and its clinical efficacy in terms of promoting faster healing in leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and recurring wounds. It is available within a contact layer with TLC-NOSF (Urgotul Start) or a soft-adherent foam dressing with TLC-NOSF (UrgoCell Start TLC).




Unlike a normal healing process, an increase in proteinase activity is a factor systematically described in leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. This proteinase hyperactivity is a reflection of persistent inflammation, preventing progress to the proliferative tissue reconstruction phase.
The polysaccharide structure of healing accelerator NOSF partially dissolves to form a colloidal substance capable of binding onto all the surfaces of the wound. Healing accelerator NOSF also interacts with the metalloproteinases present in the wound exudate, reducing their quantity and inhibiting their detrimental activity obstructing healing. Healing accelerator NOSF restores the wound imbalance.
The TLC Layer, releasing healing accelerator NOSF, maintains a moist environment in the wound, promoting the healing process and the free circulation of growth factors.





  • Promotes faster healing and improves patient’s quality of life
  • Neutralises proteases activity
  • Re-establishes wound equilibrium


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