Presentation of TLC

An exclusive wound management solution

TLC technologyTLC Technology is an exclusive innovation from Laboratoires Urgo which allows to combine lipido-colloid particles in a non-occlusive fine mesh or within a foam dressing. This unique composition promotes healing in a moist environment, non-traumatic care of newly formed tissue and painless removal for the patient.
As a key partner for healthcare professionals and consumers, Laboratoires Urgo gave birth, with the TLC Technology, to a new type of wound healing dressings: LIPIDO-COLLOID DRESSINGS.


How does the TLC Healing Matrix work?

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  • Pain-free dressing changes
  • Moist wound-healing
  • Increased stimulation of fibroblast proliferation by 45%
  • Improvement of surrounding skin
  • Clinically proven
  • Improvement of patient's Quality of Life